Okay, the season is not over just yet, but it’s almost there.  The Cubs have avoided a 100 loss season but will finish last in their division.  It appears they will have a top 5 pick in next year’s draft as well.  Unfortunately, it appears the Cubs may be looking for a new manager as well.  There are rumors that Joe Girardi, among others, is a potential target.  Too bad that Philly already landed Ryno for their job!  

Anyway, the Cubs had another rough season on the surface.  They traded away several players including Matt Garza, Scott Feldman and David DeJesus.  The Cubs have continued to cut payroll and strengthen their minor league system during this rebuilding process.  

The future of the Cubs may not be built around Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro after the disappointing season they each have had.  I really believed at the beginning of this season that these two youngsters would be the cornerstones of the future.  Instead, they have had difficult years with few bright spots.  I’m hoping they can rebound next year.  With the Cubs having Javier Baez in the minors I could see Starlin Castro being traded or moving positions unless he plays better next year.

The season is not over yet.  I’m rooting for the Pirates.  Sentimental pick I guess.  I like the Reds as well.  As long as the Cards don’t win…..spoken like a true Cubs fan! Anyway, I am going to watch as much of the playoffs as I can.  It’s a long winter without baseball.   



  1. Dave

    If Dale Sveum gets walking papers, so should Theo.
    Some, not all, of Sveum’s managerial mishaps can be attributed to Epstein’s failure to field a consistent, starting 8. Consistency is vital!
    Theo gets 50% of the job done, 50% of the time (estimated 🙂
    Look at actual attendance for 2013.
    Theo has tried to build the farm but, often forgets there’s a parent that needs to be taken care of, as well. His trading abilities are average at best, getting little return for what is offered. I think he likes trading, and accepts almost anything in return to complete a trade.
    ….and he’s going to put Sveum out to pasture?