About ronlang44

I guess you could say I am addicted to
baseball. To begin with, I was born the day Willie Mays
retired from baseball. I grew up playing some form of
baseball almost everyday. Wiffleball, little league, hot box
and strat-o-matic were the most common ways I was able to get
my baseball “fix”. I was fortunate to have two uncle,
Jonathan and David, to play with and to learn the game from.
They always made the game fun for me. I loved to watch the
Cubs on WGN too. Sometimes I would go to my
great-grandparents house and watch the games with them. My
great-grandmother loved Ryne Sandberg while my
great-grandfather was a big fan of Lee Smith, Jody Davis and
later, Andre Dawson. The game of baseball and the Cubs
provided me with a special connection with my
great-grandparents. They also had a decent size back yard
that we often turned into a wiffleball field. They would sit
in a swing and watch my uncles, cousins, friends and myself
play until dark had to call the game. Those were great times.
I consider myself a baseball purist to some extent. I love
day games, grass fields, and don’t care too much for the DH.
I’m happy watching a 1-0 shutout or an 8-7 slugfest. I like
players that stay on one team their entire career. I believe
it is okay to boo a player when you expect more out of them.
I wish MLB scheduled more double headers. I’ve been to spring
training in Florida multiple times but not Arizona…..yet.
All in all, baseball is my favorite game and the Cubs are my
favorite team. I am Cub fan living in deep southern Illinois
which is dominated by Cardinal fans. Just to give you an idea
of how far south I live I can be in Kentucky in less than an
hour. It would take me close to six hours to get to Wrigley
Fields and two hours to get to Busch Stadium. In addition to
baseball and the Cubs, I enjoy basketball and football too. I
root for the Chicago Bulls, North Carolina Tar Heels, Eastern
Illinois Panters and Dallas Cowboys. For the record, Michael
Jordan is the greatest player to ever play basketball in my
opinion. It doesn’t hurt that MJ and Ryno each wore 23. What
a great number if you are a Bulls and Cubs fan! Today, I am
married to a beautiful woman who happens to be a Yankees fan.
Since our marriage we both have grown fond of each other’s
team. I have two children with one more on the way and I love
teaching my kids about baseball and watching Cub games with
them. My kids know how to sing the Take Me Out to the
Ballgame and Go Cubs Go. I am truly blessed and thank the
Lord for all that I have.