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Fearing Bud Selig

Okay, I didn’t really know what to title this post.  First, let me say that I am not a fan of Commissioner Bud Selig.  As a matter of fact, I think he is the worst commissioner of all major sports in this great country of ours.  He turned a blind eye during the whole “steroid era”, helped create inter-league play, was acting commissioner during the strike in 1994 and is a former owner.  My list of negatives could actually go on and on, but that’s not the focal point of this post.  You see, I am afraid of what Selig is going to do with the upcoming compensation that the Red Sox will get from the Cubs for hiring Theo Epstein.  The Red Sox didn’t have to let the Cubs talk to Theo, but I think after the epic collapse in September their organization was ready to wipe the slate clean.  This allowed for the exits of Terry Francona and Theo.

Anyway, I fear that Selig is going to force the Cubs to give up one of their better minor league prospects.  As a former owner, I can see him punishing the Cubs and Epstein for leaving an organization before his contract was up.  I really hope I am wrong on this and my fear is not warranted.  However, I do not trust Selig to make a legitimate and fair decision for either team.

When it’s all said and done, I don’t have a say in this at all.  All I can do is share my thoughts and feelings on this simple blog.  I hope Selig doesn’t punish the Cubs and force us to give the Red Sox someone like Brett Jackson.  If he does, it will be just another reason for me to not like him as Commissioner of baseball.


What’s Wrong with Baseball…….Bud Selig!

bud_selig.jpgI have thought about writing a post on Bud Selig for quite some time.  But every time I started I would get too frustrated.  I think he is the worst commissioner of any sport.  I think he has done more to hurt the game of baseball than any other commissioner….EVER!  His failures, and there are many, never cease to amaze me.  I don’t know how this man can honestly feel good about the job he has done while serving as the acting commissioner and official commissioner of Major League Baseball.  His tenure as commissioner began in a shady manner.  I would call it a coup d’etat.  Fay Vincent was commissioner, but was basically forced to resign due to a no-confidence vote by a majority of the owners in baseball at that time.  When Bud became commissioner he transferred his ownership in the Brewers to his daughter.  That would prevent any conflicts of interest ……yeah right!

Let’s see, I am trying to think of some positive accomplishments Bud has made since taking over for Vincent.  The only thing that I remotely like is the wild card.  However, in a perfect world, we would have four divisions in each league and a wild card would not be needed.  However, we currently have three divisions and the wild card does make sense.  But while I am touching on playoffs let’s don’t forget the 1994 World Series.  Oh wait.  The ’94 Series was cancelled.  There was that little strike thing going on.  Yep, Bud let that one slip by.  Maybe it was his way of getting back at the MLBPA for busting him and other owners in the 80s for their collusion.  They ended up having to pay the players $280 million in damages.  So, I guess that’s not something he would want to brag about. 
What about the All Star game. First there was the tie in 2002…..which occurred in Bud’s hometown of Milwaukee.  Then he decided to make the All Star game really exciting by granting the winning team home field advantage for their respective league in the World Series.  I don’t particularly care for that one either.  Best record should determine that. 

Well, how about baseball in November?  The way the post-season is now scheduled baseball can continue all the way into November.  That sucks!  Players having to wear ski masks just to stay warm is ridiculous.  C’mon Bud, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  Yet, you continue to tinker with the game trying to squeeze a little more money from the networks and the fans for you and the owners. 

Then we have the whole performance-enhancing-drugs situation.  All Bud had to do was admit that it was a problem and take stiff action.  Instead, legislators in Washington, D.C. had to get involved.  They had to waste their time with the mistakes of baseball players, owners and Bud.  He kept his head in the sand while Big Mac and Slammin’ Sammy cracked homeruns at record rates in ’98.  What a joke.  That whole mess could have been handled a lot better. 

Then there is the somewhat liked creation of interleague play.  Personally, I could do without it.  I like to think I am a baseball purist and frankly, the newness has worn off for me.  I would like to abolish interleague play and get a balanced schedule for each league.

One of my favorite things to complain about Bud is his ability to reschedule games between teams.  The Cubs and Astros playing in Milwaukee in 2008 or the Indians playing the Angels in Milwaukee in 2007.  As a Cubs fan, there is no doubt in my mind that the Cubs getting to play the ‘Stros so close to home helped them out.  That game should’ve been rescheduled somewhere in Texas.  But Bud’s home town was able to benefit from his decision as well as the Cubs.  Aren’t there other ball parks with domes that he could have rescheduled those games at?  Another obvious abuse of power by Bud!

It’s the commissioner’s responsiblity to protect the best interests of the sport.  David Stearn did a pretty good job of it in the NBA.  It didn’t hurt that MJ came around during his tenure either.  Roger Goodell is the commissioner for the NFL right now and seems to be doing a great job so far.  However, Bud, well, I have never felt that he had the best interest of the game in his heart.  I believe he has always been more concerned about making more money for his fellow owners. 

I know there is a lot more that I could write about Bud and his ineptness at being commissioner.  He is supposedly going to retire as commissioner in 2012.  I cannot wait for that day to come.  I hope we get a new commissioner then that will do everything in their power to protect and improve the game of baseball.   


Let’s Move On!

syringe.jpgI cannot express in words how disgusted I am with the use of steroids, HGH and PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) in baseball.  Some of my favorite players for some reason felt they needed an advantage.  I truly believe that this is cheating!  However, what happened before MLB started to really test players and punish them for using these drugs is in the past.  (I cannot believe I am saying this!)  Anyway, I think the best thing to do is to move forward.  Let’s make it official and give all former and current players a time of amnesty.  Give them until the beginning of the season to admit they used any PED in the past.  There should be no adverse action taken against any players that confess either.  Especially, when MLB wasn’t doing anything about it.  You can’t tell me that Bud Selig and Gene Orza and others didn’t know what was going on during the 90s.  I think most intelligent fans knew something was not right, but we turned a blind eye.  We loved the season of 1998 when ‘Big Mac’ and ‘Slammin Sammy’ were chasing Maris’ record.  We watched in awe as they hit homer after homer.  It was a great season.  It brought back a lot of fans that were still sour due to the strike in 1994. 

Anyway, back to my main point, we need to focus on the present and future.  We shouldn’t punish players like AROD for doing something several years ago.  Instead, everyone involved in baseball needs to focus on cleaning up the game and its image.  If someone is caught using PEDs they need to be punished accordingly.  That way we can move forward.  If we continue to dwell in the past we will never overcome this stain that steroids have left on the game of baseball. 

“To Do List” Update!…..again


With baseball’s winter meetings to begin this week I anticipate the Cubs to make some changes.  Personally, I believe that the Cubs and Padres will work a deal sending Peavy to the Cubs.  Since they need a shortstop, I suggest sending Ronny Cedeno to the Pads in the deal.  It appears it will require a third team to make the trade work.  I have read numerous times that the Orioles will be that team.  If the Cubs send Felix Pie to Baltimore and Ronny Cedeno to San Diego I think it may work.  It would probably take another player or two to get the deal completed too.  I am guessing Sean Marshall as one of those players. 

The Cubs need to address their need for a left handed hitting bat.  I am currently behind them going after Raul Ibanez.  Lou Piniella knows him and seems to like him a lot.  I think that would be a great move and you could use Fukudome and Johnson as a platoon in centerfield. 

With this weeks meetings I believe that Jim Hendry will try to address these two issues.  It will be interesting to see what else comes out of these meetings. 

It appears that Mark Cuban is completely out of the running for buying the Cubs.  I believe the Ricketts family will be the new owners.  If so, I think it may be a good thing.  As much as I still want Cuban, I realize that Bud Selig and his cronies aren’t ready for a ‘maverick’ like him. 


1.  Pick up Rich Harden’s option for next season.

2.  Extend Jim Hendry’s Contract.

3.  Re-sign Ryan Dempster.

4.  Re-sign Kerry Wood?????????? Please, one more year! (Highly unlikely)

5.  Trade for Jake Peavy  

6.  Find a Centerfielder/Rightfielder.  One that bats left handed. (I like Raul Ibanez)

7.  Finalize the sale of the Chicago Cubs.  Preferrably Cuban followed by the Ricketts family.


“To Do List” Update!

Baseball.jpgWell, my personal “To Do List” for the Cubs this offseason started off well.  Unfortunately, it has hit some snags.  The Cubs picked up Rich Harden’s contract,extended Jim Hendry’s contract and re-signed Ryan Dempster.  Then came the bad news.  The Cubs traded away a really good prospect in Jose Ceda for reliever Kevin Gregg.  Ceda has a fastball the tops out close to 100mph.  I believe he has a high ceiling.  Gregg is older and obviously more experienced.  However, this trade signaled the end for Kerry Wood as a Chicago Cub.  But, ever the optimist, I hope the Cubs will still try to sign Kerry for one more year.  Highly unlikely.  I guess I could put it on my “wish list” instead of my “to do list”.  But then I would have to create a wish list.  Anyway, the Cubs may still be in the hunt for Jake Peavy.  I still like the idea of obtaining him.   The Cub are also considering Bobby Abreu and Raul Ibanez and others to play rightfield and supply some left handed lumber in the middle of the lineup.  A guy capable of driving in 100 runs would be great.  Finally, I would love nothing more than to see Mark Cuban buy the Cubs.  Unfortunately, Bud Selig (BOOOOOO!!!!!!!) doesn’t seem to want him as an owner.  It’s looking more like someone else will own the Cubs next season.  I hope whoever owns the Cubs wants to win a championship as bad as I do.  We’ll just have to wait and see. 


1.  Pick up Rich Harden’s option for next season.

2.  Extend Jim Hendry’s Contract.

3.  Re-sign Ryan Dempster.

4.  Re-sign Kerry Wood?????????? Please, one more year!

5.  Trade for Jake Peavy or try to sign C.C. Sabathia or A.J. Burnett. 

6.  Find a Centerfielder/Rightfielder.  One that bats left handed.

7.  Finalize the sale of the Chicago Cubs.  Preferrably Cuban followed by the Ricketts family.


Mark Cuban and the Cubs

Mark Cuban Singing.jpgI have an obsession with the idea of Mark Cuban becoming the owner of the Chicago Cubs.  I just feel that he will take this team to the promise land known as the World Series.  I believe with him as owner that the Cubs will win multiple World Series Championships.  But first, he must overcome various obstacles that are in his path.  He’s managed to get past the first obstacle which was the first round of bidding for the Cubs.  He is now one of five potential owners remaining and has a good chance in my opinion.  One knock on him from Bud Selig(BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) has been his lack of ties to Chicago.  I have some ideas to shoot down that notion.  I think it is obvious that Cuban needs to recruit some people that are Chicagoans in order to convince Selig and MLB owners to allow him to buy the Cubs.  Here is a few people that could team up with Cuban and be minority owners of the Cubs.  John Canning is one that makes a lot of sense to me if Cuban could convince him.  Canning was in the running initially to buy the Cubs but didn’t make it pass the first round of bidding.  He is a friend of Bud Selig and currently owners around 11% of the Brewers.  Another option would be an odd alliance.  Team up with Michael Jordan.  MJ won 6 championships as a Bull and loves competition.  Teaming him up with Cuban and bringing a World Series championship to Wrigley would be awesome.  Just imagine….Jordan winning another championship for the city of Chicago, but this time as an owner of the Cubs!  That would be a dream come true for me.  Other potential partners I would suggest for Cuban include Bill Murray, Vince Vaughn, Eddie Vedder and Billy Williams.  Maybe even some combination of these guys.  How could MLB and Selig turn down a group like that? 
Time will tell.