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Okay, this post is about the game of baseball as a whole.  Today, as I was creeping on Facebook, I saw where ESPN BASEBALL TONIGHT asked the following question, “When his career is over, will Alex Rodriguez have been bad for baseball?”.  As I scrolled through all the comments I noticed the usual trolls were out in full force.  Some people were praising AROD, others were demonizing him and others were your homer fans acting as if this was an attack on the Yankees.

First let me say this, AROD had a lot of talent coming into the big leagues.  Unfortunately, we will never know when he started using PEDs and for how long.  With that said, I think he deserves a lifetime ban.  I am rough on my view of PEDs.  I think Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds need lifetime bans as well.  The same goes for Manny Ramirez, Ryan Braun and Bartolo Colon.  I could continue with writing a ton of other names that have cheated.  But I think you get my point.

I don’t like cheaters and cheaters.  Players that choose to do this disgust me.  Give me Ken Griffey, Jr., Derek Jeter, Tony Gwynn, Andre Dawson, Greg Maddux and Ryne Sandberg.  These are some of my favorite players all time.  They did it the right way.

I think MLB hid their head in the sand during the 90s when PEDs began to thrive.  Thankfully, they have addressed the problem and hopefully they will get tougher on the liars and cheaters.  That’s just my opinion.  I’m not talking about spitballs, corked bats or too much pine tar.  I’m talking about drugs that make you significantly run faster, throw harder and hit the ball farther.

When it’s all said and done, AROD hurt the game and is the guy receiving most of the blame in the media.  He’s not the only one guilty, but has become the face of the PED users.  So, yes, AROD is bad for baseball in my opinion.



Since I began this blog last summer, I have tried my best to avoid the ugly issue of steroids in baseball.  Unfortunately, it’s a sad reality and I can no longer keep my head buried in the sand hoping it will just go away.  It’s obvious now that it won’t go away any time soon.  The recent announcement that AROD tested positive for steroids in 2003 and then his confession about his use of “banned substances” proves once again that this is an on-going problem in the game today.  And while MLB has finally started testing players and punishing users of performance enhancing drugs over the last few years there are still a lot of questions about current and former players linked to steroids.  Who else is on the list of 104 players that tested positive in 2003?  Will we ever find out who cheated and who didn’t?

Take a look at what has gone on just recently.  The book by Mark McGwire’s brother detailing “Big Mac’s” steroid use.  The legal troubles of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.  Miguel Tejada being charged with lying to congressional investigators about the use of performance enhancing drugs in baseball.  What’s next!?!? 

Why don’t these players follow  Jason Giambi’s example and admit what they did.  It’s just a matter of time before someone spills the beans.  You would think they would realize it by now.  Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!