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Ryan Theriot.jpgI am fortunate that I am able to get off work at 2PM everyday.  This enables me to watch the Cubs as much as I want to.  Usually, the game is in the 2nd or 3rd inning when I start heading home.  Today, I was at home watching the game and the Cubs fell behind 4 to 1 against the Florida Marlins.  I figured I would try and take a nap since the Cubs weren’t doing that well,  but I was smart enough to keep the tv on just in case something happened.  And sure enough, Ryan Theriot’s Grand Slam was enough to wake me up.  I was excited and very relieved that the Cubs were in the lead.  I haven’t seen much of that lately! 

I became a fan of Theriot instantly probably due to the spelling of his last name, Theriot or The-Riot.  It’s possibly the best name in the game today.  Anyway, I became more of a fan when I watched how he hustled and always seemed to play as hard as he could.  He’s not afraid to get his uniform dirty unlike some players in the big leagues today. 
I know he probably won’t ever win a gold glove, or hit more than 5 homers in a season, but he plays the game the right way.  He plays aggressive, runs out routine groundouts, takes the ball the opposite way, and provides a spark that the Cubs need.

Maybe his Grand Slam will provide the Cubs with the spark they need to start winning more games.   


Will the Cubs Find A Pot of Gold in ’09?

trophy.jpgIf you’ve ever been around a Cubs fan, you may have heard the phrase “Wait til Next Year”.  Over the last couple of years there has been a new motto,”It’s Gonna Happen.”  To a person who’s not a Cubs fan, I doubt you would understand…..with Red Sox fans being an exception.  Think about it.  The Cubs have not won a Championship in a century.  Heck, they haven’t even been to the fall classic since 1945.  It’s frustrating.  Unitl last year, I could count the number of times the Cubs have been to the post-season on one hand in my life time.  I remember 1984.  The Cubs seemed destined to finally win.  Ryne Sandberg was the MVP that season and Rick Sutcliffe won the Cy Young.  We had a great closer in Lee Smith.  It was a sad way to lose.  Then there was 1989.  The Giants were just too much.  Will “the Thrill” Clark was a beast that series and the Cubs lost again.  I knew we didn’t have a chance in 1998, but that was a fun season to be a Cubs fan.  I remember where I was when I watched Kerry Woods 20 strikeout performance in May of that year.  Plus, there was a magical pursuit of Roger Maris’ home run record.  Then came my heartache.  2003!  Heck, that fall my wife, a Yankees fan, my buddies from grade school, Dave-Reds fan and Marty-Cardinals fan, were all rooting for the Cubs as they seemed certain to finish off the Florida Marlins.  But most anyone knows what happened.  I won’t mention his name.  That moment seemed to define the heartache of being a Cubs fan.  The last 2 seasons have been great and both were followed with major disappointment in the post-season. 

This year the Cubs have revamped their roster in hopes of winning in October.  I think that’s great, but we have to get their first.  As long as sweet Lou is managing I think we have a chance.  Maybe, just maybe, the Cubs will find a Pot of Gold in the form of a World Series Trophy this October.  It’s Gonna Happen!