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Peavy, The Padres and Their Fans

During the winter months and early into spring training I was hoping the Cubs would make a deal for San Diego’s ace pitcher, Jake Peavy.  That trade never happened even though I still wish it would.  Then this week Peavy rejected a trade that would send him to the White Sox.  That made me very happy.  If the Pads do trade Peavy to someone besides the Cubs I pray it’s not the White Sox or Cardinals.  Anyway, Peavy pitched against the Cubs last night and I knew he was gonna bring his “A” game.  What I really appreciated though was the reaction by the Padres fans.  They showed their respect last night to Peavy for choosing to stay a Padre.  They also showed their class by cheering loudly for newly acquired Tony Gwynn, Jr.  Living in the midwest I don’t know any Padres fans and rarely get to see them play on tv.  But last night these fans displayed class and respect for Peavy and Gwynn.  They cheered the way fans should.  Jake Peavy is a class act.  Take for example last night after Carlos Zambrano hit David Eckstein with a pitch in the first inning.  Bobby Scales led off the second inning for the Cubs and Peavy hit him in the right thigh area.  He did what he was supposed to do.  But the classy thing about it was the fact that he didn’t go head hunting.  He wasn’t there to hurt Scales.  He did it the right way.  Even though the home plate umpire gave warnings to both teams I don’t believe their was any anger between the teams.  

Now the Cubs need to figure out how to score some runs.  Over the last week it seems the team has forgotten how to get guys to cross homeplate.  It’s frustrating!!!!  We have too much talent on this team to struggle the way we are right now.