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Okay, this post is about the game of baseball as a whole.  Today, as I was creeping on Facebook, I saw where ESPN BASEBALL TONIGHT asked the following question, “When his career is over, will Alex Rodriguez have been bad for baseball?”.  As I scrolled through all the comments I noticed the usual trolls were out in full force.  Some people were praising AROD, others were demonizing him and others were your homer fans acting as if this was an attack on the Yankees.

First let me say this, AROD had a lot of talent coming into the big leagues.  Unfortunately, we will never know when he started using PEDs and for how long.  With that said, I think he deserves a lifetime ban.  I am rough on my view of PEDs.  I think Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds need lifetime bans as well.  The same goes for Manny Ramirez, Ryan Braun and Bartolo Colon.  I could continue with writing a ton of other names that have cheated.  But I think you get my point.

I don’t like cheaters and cheaters.  Players that choose to do this disgust me.  Give me Ken Griffey, Jr., Derek Jeter, Tony Gwynn, Andre Dawson, Greg Maddux and Ryne Sandberg.  These are some of my favorite players all time.  They did it the right way.

I think MLB hid their head in the sand during the 90s when PEDs began to thrive.  Thankfully, they have addressed the problem and hopefully they will get tougher on the liars and cheaters.  That’s just my opinion.  I’m not talking about spitballs, corked bats or too much pine tar.  I’m talking about drugs that make you significantly run faster, throw harder and hit the ball farther.

When it’s all said and done, AROD hurt the game and is the guy receiving most of the blame in the media.  He’s not the only one guilty, but has become the face of the PED users.  So, yes, AROD is bad for baseball in my opinion.



With the injury to Adam Wainwright, I truly think the Cards need to sign Jeremy Bonderman.  He’s the type of pitcher that Dave Duncan could turn around and get 12 wins from this season.  

The Cubs need to trade Carlos Silva to the Yankees so he and Bartolo Colon can battle to make their rotation.  I can also imagine each of them tearing up the buffet’s in Tampa this spring.  
The Cubs need to find a real leadoff hitter for the future.  I know that Fukudome may get the job this spring, but he’s not the real solution to this problem.  Neither is Starlin Castro.  I think Castro is better suited to hit second at this point in his career.  Maybe Brett Jackson will be the answer for 2012.  
The Cubs defense has been pitiful so far this spring.  I hope they are taking extra fielding practice.  I imagine that Q has them doing this and I am gaining more and more confidence in him as our manager.  
Marlon Byrd was a great free agent signing by Jim Hendry.  He played well last season, but will probably need a few extra days off as the season progresses this year.  A person’s body can take only so much punishment.  Byrd is a beast and seems to be a great teammate.  
I like Tyler Colvin getting some action at firstbase this spring.  I would prefer him in RF over Fukudome, but as long as he’s getting consistent playing time at 1B and RF I can live with that for now.  
Here’s to a healthy season!  GO CUBS GO!