Please Trade Alfonso Soriano

When the Cubs signed Alsonso Soriano prior to the 2007 season I was really excited.  He had just posted a 40 HR/40 SB season.  Things have not worked out as I had hoped but Soriano still has value in the right situation.  He is still capable of hitting 25 HRs in a season and would make a good DH/OF for an American League team.  I know that Cubs still owe $18 Million a year through 2014, but I hope Theo & Jed are able to eat a majority of that contract and trade him.  It would open up a spot for Brett Jackson hopefully.  We already have Marlon Byrd and newly signed David DeJesus in our outfield.  I think we need to find a way to get this done before the season starts.



  1. Red State Blue State

    I’m sure they’ve tried. Hell, even Hendry probably tried. But he’s not very good and he’s not particularly known to be a “hard worker” or “team oriented” guy. Look at what his influence did to Starlin! He might make a decent DH, but he would not make a good OF. He has already proven that. Honestly, I can’t think of any team that really needs just a DH.

    • strictlycubsbaseball

      Jeff, you are right on all accounts, but he still has power and if the Cubs eat his contract like they did Zambrano I think some team would take the risk to add the power. Maybe I am hoping too much though.