I was able to stay up late last night and watch the Cubs actually win a game.  It was nice to see.  We had good starting pitching and Quade did not leave Zambrano in too long.  He trusted his setup of Wood, Marshall and Marmol for the 7th, 8th and 9th innings.  We played good defense and had three solo homers.  Soriano was the hitter of the night blasting two bombs!  I liked the fact that Castro batted third again too.  Now, if we can repeat last nights performance I would be really happy.

Matt Garza will be pitching against Ian Kennedy tonight. Hopefully, we can play better for Garza and get him his first win of the season and as a Cub.  Even though he’s striking out a lot of batters he hasn’t had much luck.  He pitched 6 shutout innings in a no-decision against San Diego, lost to Colorado due to 4 errors and 4 unearned runs, has seen the Cubs get shutout twice during his starts and saw the bullpen blow the lead in another.  That’s five starts and little run support, bad defense and a loss to the bullpen.  Hopefully, tonight is the night the guys rally around Garza and get him a win.


  1. raysrenegade

    The Garza/Kennerdy match-up is going to be one of the best going today.
    Going to be fun to see what each brings to the table, and if their teams will feast or go away hungry. Seriously, these two pitchers stack up well against their opponents and this should be a pitcher’s duel until a crack develops in one of their game plans.
    Might not be an offensive barrage, but a well crafted game…..You know I will cruise the boxscores tonight to see the progress.

    Rays Renegade

  2. ronlang44

    @RR-I will be able to watch some of the game tonight….probably 5th inning on. Got stuff going on before that, but I think you are right and it could be a great pitching matchup. I hope Garza and the Cubs come out on top.
    @Rob-I’m ready to put on my rally cap and watch the Cubs go on a tear. I got a feeling we are going to have a good month of May!


  3. ronlang44

    @Virginia-We need to string some wins together in a bad way. I hope last night was the start of a big winning streak!
    @Keleigh-I can’t believe how poorly Adam Dunn is playing to start the season. If he can get on track then maybe they can start winning too.


  4. blithescribe

    Glad to see all of the Cubs good pieces are starting to come together at the same time. I’m rooting for a win for Garza for you all tonight too. It’s been too long and not entirely his fault. Much like Santana last night, he’s due .
    This is a very simple game…

  5. ronlang44

    @Kristen-Garza and the Cubs got the much needed win! I thought I would be able to watch most of the game, but I wasn’t able to. Instead, I was able to catch the 9th inning on the car radio right before Darwin Barney broke the tie with a hit. After checking the box score, it looks like the Cubs put together another all around solid game! I’m PSYCHED!!!!!