I was reading a post on Lee’s Astros and was posed with the question, If you were the new owner of the club, what would you do different?  It got me thinking a bit so, I decided to post some of my ideas just for fun.

First, get Ryne Sandberg back in the organization.  Not as manager just yet.  I want to give Mike Quade every chance to succeed.  I think a two-headed monster of Ryno and Greg Maddux would be great!  Have them learn all the ins and outs of the GM job from Jim Hendry.  

Next, I would bring back as many former Cubs as possible.  Andre Dawson, Jody Davis, Rick Sutcliffe, Shawon Dunston and more.  Have these guys work with players in the minors and the big league players too.  Educate them on what it takes to win playing so many day games at Wrigley Field.

Next, I would invest in our minor leagues and player development.  I would want to build a minor league system that drafts well, signs amateur free agents and produces major league players on a regular basis.  

I would try to set a self-imposed limit on long term contracts.  Preferably, no contracts longer than five years.  I would be willing to pay players a little more per year than sign them to these long term contracts that end up biting you in the butt.  

I would like to sign a few free agents initially, but my longterm goal would to be develop players and turn them into successful major league players that want to spend their entire careers with the Cubs.  

I would also lower the ticket prices because you know we are going to sell out!   

 I would like to move our single A affiliate in Peoria, Illinois to Marion, Illinois.  The Southern Illinois Miners from the independent Frontier League currently play in Marion and have a very nice and relatively new facility.  

Finally, some of you may hate this idea, but I would consider moving the Cubs spring training to Florida in the Naples area.  It is a whole lot easier for me to go to Florida than Arizona.  


  1. ronlang44

    Russel-I knew that everyone wouldn’t agree with all of my ideas, but I had fun with it. I really do believe in the contract idea though.


  2. The Cub Den

    Five year contracts rule. Bringing Dawson, Ryno and former Cubs back is a great idea, but moving spring training to Florida isn’t. Only because I would move them to Toronto, it would be easier for me to see them and Toronto has a dome so the weather wouldn’t be any factor 🙂
    —Mark Gauthier


  3. theheirloom

    Ron – I’m not in total agreement with everything above, but you did inspire me to do something similar – after Saturday’s big event.

    There is one thing: To make amends with Ryno, you need to eliminate the one person responsible for sending him off to the Phillies’ organization – Jim Hendry. Heck, I think that’s the solution to most of the Cubs’ issues right there.

    As for relocating the Peoria Chiefs – I’d move the Lake County Captains, first, then reshuffle the affiliations in several Midwest league markets to placate the right location for the relocated Captains. Marion, IL sounds about right.

    – Randy

  4. ronlang44

    Mark-I’ve never been to Toronto so, maybe that would finally get me there, lol!
    Randy-Making amends with Ryno would be a top priority for me. Also, getting an affiliated team in Marion, Illinois would too. Independent ball is okay, but I would obviously prefer having a Cub minor league team near us. And once again, best of luck to you Saturday. Look forward to hearing about your success!


  5. blithescribe

    Judging from the responses you’re getting, the Cubs should have a rotating Spring Training venue. LOL to Mark, though I suppose Toronto wouldn’t be stranger than Catalina Island. 🙂
    I like your self-imposed no contracts longer than five years rule for every team, actually. In my opinion, any contract longer than that should be reserved for very special circumstances, not the expected norm for any guy with a hot bat like the direction things seemed to be heading this offseason.
    This is a very simple game…