First, I need to let everyone know about the “panic attack” I had a few days ago.  The Cubs were getting ready to play and I was unable to watch the game, but I was near a radio and tried to tune in.  However, the one and only station that carries the Cubs in my area was not playing the game.  Instead, Jim Rome was on the air.  I thought this might be an accident, but to my dismay, it happened again the next day.  So, I called the radio station and they informed me they no longer had the contract to broadcast the Cub games in my hometown and they would not tell my if another station was airing their games.  Well, I scanned the radio the next day until I finally found their new home on the radio for southern Illinois.  I was very relieved.  Due to my work schedule, I am sometimes forced to rely on listening to the games.  The good news about this change is that the new station is FM and the old station was AM.

I watched yesterday’s game and the Cubs defense was pitiful.  This was a concern for me during spring training.  Fielding a baseball can be difficult, but some of the errors the Cubs made were simple plays.  It’s the little things that can hurt you in a game and that was evident yesterday.  
In addition to losing the game, we also lost to starting pitchers to the DL and newly acquired Carlos Pena has sat out the last two games with sore thumb.  Fortunately, Tyler Colvin filled in and played well even hitting a homer on Tuesday.  

We are going on the road starting this weekend.  I would like to see us get our first stolen base of the season and to rack up some W’s.  


  1. ronlang44

    Jeff & Rob-It was frustrating because there were no radio announcements nor anything in the local paper about the change. The new station plays music instead of sports, but they will carry all of the games this year much to my delight.


  2. The Cub Den

    That’s horrible!!! Where we are, we only get Blue jays broadcasts and we’re two hours from TO and it still doesn’t get through on AM.

    I love listening to the games on the radio. I signed up for Gameday Audio. I love it! Ok, that was a plug.

    —Mark Gauthier

  3. blithescribe

    I know that panic attack and have experienced it one too many times myself. They oughta let folks know these things ahead of time, LOL. It is definitely the little things that make or break a team over the course of a season and it’s so frustrating when you see your team missing them…but it’s only April, there’s still a lot of time to get it together before it’s panic time.
    This is a very simple game…