Tyler Colvin.jpgTyler Colvin has quickly become one of my favorite Cub players.  The young lefthanded hitting slugger impressed me this season with his power and overall attitude to the game. 

Colvin attended Clemson University to play baseball.  Initially, he was a firstbaseman, but due to his athletic abilities he was moved to the outfield.  He was drafted by the Cubs in 2006 and played in single A Boise that year.  During his minor league career, he belted double digit homeruns every year.  So, his power is no shock to anyone familiar with him.  While he’s not known for being an average hitter he’s quite capable of hitting significantly better than the .254 average he had in 2010 for the Cubs.  The Cubs need to find a way to play him everyday.  His power from the left side of the plate combined with newly acquired Carlos Pena, another lefty, will give something the Cubs haven’t had in a long time…..two lefthanded batters capable of hitting more than 25 homeruns in a season.  Throw in Ramirez, Soto, Soriano and Byrd from the right side and our lineup could belt a lot of homers in 2011. 

Long term I can still see Colvin moving to firstbase.  The deal with Pena is only a one year deal.  So, in 2012, it appears the Cubs will be looking to find someone to play first again.  Maybe the longterm plan is to go after Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder because both of them are due to be free agents after the 2011 season.  Or maybe Josh Vitters will be moved to first and he is the longterm plan at first.  Or maybe we will resign Pena after he has a stellar 2011 season.  So, we have a lot of options for first after next season.  Until then I look for the Cubs to trade Kosuke Fukudome in order to let Colvin be the everyday rightfielder.  I look for him to hit 25 or more homers and bring his average up too. 



  1. diehardcubsfan4ever

    A month or so ago, Jim Hendry said that he was going to find a way to play Colvin everyday. With the signing of Carlos Pena, look for the Cubs to trade Fukudome by Spring, if they can pull it off. I think they can. Either Colvin will play right field or the Cubs will use him as trade bait, but that seems unlikely. Hopefully, somebody needs a solid outfielder.

  2. The Cub Den

    Colvin’s season was marred by that freakish accident, but I think he’s going to have a monster year! You’re right, I think he’ll be groomed for first when Pena has a day off, but with Fukodome’s departure(that’s right, I said it) Colvin we’ll anchor the outfield.

    —Mark Gauthier