No to Ryno as Manager

When Lou Piniella was hired before the 2007 season as manager one of the people that wanted the job was Ryne Sandberg.  Ryno did not have any experience managing and was sold on becoming a minor league manager for the Cubs.  Since then, Ryno has produced multiple winning teams for the Cubs farm system as well as help develop several of their current players.  I hold no grudge against Mike Quade.  I actually like the man, but Ryno was my first choice.  He’s earned his right to manage the Cubs.  He understands playing all the day games at Wrigley.  He knows the younger players at the big league level and in the farm system.  I pray that Quade wins next year.  I really do.  And if Ryno is hired to manage somewhere else I will root for that team as well.  He’s my man. 

I feel that Ricketts and Hendry made a mistake on this move.  I hope they prove me wrong, but I doubt it at this point.