No Fun in the Sun

Man oh man, this season has been frustrating for the Cubs and their fans.  This team is simply not playing good baseball.  DLee has struggled,  Aramis is currently on the DL and isn’t even close to hitting his own weight, Big Z is back in the rotation, but still hasn’t pitched as well as he should or as well as he can.  I could keep going on about some of the frustrations I have with players not producing or playing as well as they should.  Instead, I want to be positive. 

For starters, how about Tyler Colvin.  This young man is a heckuva ball player.  If the Cubs do move Lee this season I say we put Colvin at 1B.  That’s the position he originally played in high school and was recruited to play at Clemson.  However, he made the transition to the outfield in college and has been there ever since. 
At 2B is Ryan Theriot.  Even though The Riot is 30, I still like him a lot and know he has quite a few good years in him.  He and SS Starlin Castro will make a good double play combo for the next few years depending on how long the Cubs stay with Theriot.

One of my concerns is 3B.  Aramis Ramirez will turn 32 later this week and his injuries and poor play this season lead me to believe that he may be on the decline earlier than I expected.  Not trying to discriminate against a ballplayers age, but once a guy hits his early mid 30s his game tends to decline quickly.

I absolutely love the way Marlon Byrd plays the game.  He runs the bases after hitting a homer instead of trotting around.  That’s awesome!  However, sticking with my age theory, he will be 33 in August.  I think he has 2-3 good years left though.  I could be wrong, but I think he will age better than other players. 
Alfonso Soriano isn’t a bad player, but his contract is going to kill the Cubs over the next few years.  I would like the Cubs to start giving guys that are older shorter contracts…3-5 years tops.  Offer the longer contracts to the young guys like Castro the way the Rays did Longoria.  Another guy that is overpaid is Fukudome.  The Cubs took a gamble and it hasn’t worked out like they would’ve hoped. 

Bottom line, the Cubs aren’t scoring runs consistently to give their pitchers much of a chance to win some games.  Until something changes they’ll keep playing under .500.  That’s just the way it is this year.