I love this time of year.  Spring training and college hoops.  It doesn’t get much better for me than that.  And this year there is the WBC too.  Even though I have complained about the timing of the WBC I am still following it.  Last night was awesome!  Team USA came from behind to beat Puerto Rico.  David Wright was the hero with the game winning clutch hit.  The players stormed home plate and the players were truly excited about winning.  You can definitely tell that this baseball classic means something to them. Now that they will be playing in the next round I hope some fans actually show up to the game.  I know I would if I didn’t live in southern Illinois.  I may have to plan a trip for the next WBC so I can catch a few games.  Until then I will continue to watch. 


Just a small trivia fact about one of my favorite Cubs.  Derrek Lee was recruited to play baseball and basketball and the University of North Carolina when he was in high school.  He was going to go there and play both sports until he was drafted 14th overall by the San Diego Padres in the ’93 draft.  I wonder how good he was.  I mean this is one of the best college basketball programs ever.  This is the school that Michael Jordan attended….but Dean Smith wouldn’t let him play baseball.  MJ did have an offer from North Carolina State to play both baseball and basketball though.  Obviously he made the right choice with some influence from Dean Smith.  

Anyway, it’s March and I am getting psyched up for a great NCAA tournament.  I have North Carolina beating Louisville in the finals.  I have high hopes for Team USA in the WBC.  I think they can win it all this time.  And of course, it’s a brand new season for my beloved Chicago Cubs!  When it comes to sports it doesn’t get much better than this.   


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