Wow! It’s been a while….

Over the last few weeks our wonderful internet provider has failed to provide us with service at my home.  It’s been very frustrating for me and my wife.  Thankfully, we were both able to check our emails at work, but I wasn’t able to do much else.  Unfortunately, the company we are using is the only high speed option we have considering where we live.  I have considered trying out satellite internet, but it’s $300 to install and $60 a month.  That’s a little more than I am willing to pay.  

Anyway, I have been able to watch a few of the WBC games.  I think the USA team looks great.  Their attitude is awesome.  It’s gotta be Mark DeRosa rubbing off on everyone.  He’s a gamer and always seems to have fun when he’s playing.  It doesn’t hurt having Jeter, Pedroia and Youkilis either.  Those guys are all battle tested.  Rollins, Wright, Victorino and the list goes on.  It’s great.  I still wish the WBC was in November though.  I don’t like it during spring training.  

I had a Ranall Simon sighting last night as I was watching the Netherlands play Puerto Rico.  Man, he’s gotten huge.  I still appreciate what he did for the Cubs in 2003.  Too bad the Netherlands lost though.  I would have liked to see him play some more. 

Now that I am back online I look forward to writing some posts about my beloved Cubs.  It’s going to be a great year!  



    • ronlang44

      I was able to get online at work but was limited to what I could do. It was very frustrating. My wife was trying to buy some clothes for our kids on ebay and lost out because she couldn’t get online.
      I didn’t realize how addicted I was.


    • ronlang44

      I think that DeRosa has blossomed late in his career and has become one those guys every team needs. He will play anywhere on field that he’s needed to. I think the Cubs will miss him a lot this year. Especially, if Soriano goes down with another leg injury.

      By the way, the Brewers are putting together a strong core of young players. I would be excited as a Brewers fan right now.


    • ronlang44

      It would be interesting to know how many MLB players would be willing to play in November. I just hope no players are seriously injured. I think the WBC has the chance to become something real special.

      It’s great to be back. I am looking at getting satellite internet. It’s more expensive, but I need something reliable.

    • Ava

      This game has great graphics and plays well. It is pettry much the same as 2K10 except that 2k10 did not have a freezing problem. 2K11 seams to freeze about every 8-10 games. I have friends who have the game also and are having the same problem. We all have new 360 s and have played hundreds of games and dont have the freezing problem that you get with MLB 2K11. That is why it only gets 3 stars instead of 4 or 5.

  1. Mhyta

    Alex, you are a talented and tedenr young man and I am so very proud of you. I know that your mom would be delighted to see you sharing your gifts and your heart to help other people. I am delighted to have you as part of our family. You are a gift to me. I love talking about all of our adventures with your mom when you were young and creating new ones with you today and in the future. When you have children, one of the hardest things will be keeping people in their lives that knew your mom to share her stories with them. I hope I will always be one of the people that will bring Gail to life for them. Keep up the good work. You deserve all of the joy that this organization will bring you. This is what we are all meant to do, serve, give back, and follow your calling. Becoming a man for others will make your life full and joyous. I love you like my own son!MamaRies