Money Moves and Catching Up

I haven’t been able to write anything over the last couple of weeks even though the Cubs have been busy.  So here’s a quick post to catch up.

The Cubs traded Jason Marquis to the Colorado Rockies for relief pitcher Luis Vizcaino.  I understand this move and I like it.  It’s a money move.  While Marquis is a valuable 5th starter the Cubs know it’s more important to address other needs they have.  Getting rid of his salary gives the team several options.  The obvious one is the ability to sign OF Milton Bradley.  A 3 year $30 million deal was completed last week.  The Cubs have slated Bradley to play RF and bat somewhere in the middle of the lineup. 

The Cubs also traded super utility man Mark DeRosa.  I love DeRosa’s approach to playing the game.  He plays hard and will play or bat anywhere his manager needs him to.  And he doesn’t complain.  I don’t know much yet about the 3 minor league pitchers the Cubs received in this deal with the Indians, but I think this was another money move.  This move may have also helped the Cubs sign Bradley.  This move also opens the door for Mike Fontenot to play everyday at 2B.  He would provide another left handed hitter. 

The Cubs signed middle infielder Aaron Miles to a two year deal.  I don’t like this move.  We already have Ronny Cedeno that can play these positions.  Plus, if the Cubs are trying to save money why spend money here? 

The signing of Joey Gathright struck me as kind of odd.  Felix Pie can do the same thing as Gathright.  However, Pie is out of options and may be traded soon.  If Pie is traded then this signing makes sense. 

These moves have also fired up the rumors about the Cubs trading for Jake Peavy again.  I would love for this to happen.  Throw Cedeno and Pie in the deal too.  Whatever it takes. 

I anticipate the Cubs to make a splash with a trade or another free agent signing.  I look for it to be Brian Roberts, Jake Peavy or another starting pitcher.  Just my thoughts though.  A lot of it depends on the new owner. 

Speaking of the new owner, I read a great piece on the potential owner of the Cubs in the Tribune just recently.  It was really good.  I especially liked the resume portion on Tom Ricketts.  Anyone who met their wife in the bleachers at Wrigley Field sounds like a guy I would want to own the team.  Here’s a link to the story,0,6903502.story



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