I cannot describe my disappointment in the Cubs loss last night.  I stayed up late, past midnight, watching my beloved Cubs.  It seemed to me they were all trying to win the series with one swing.  But, they couln’t even win one game.  I don’t blame any curses or Lou Pinella or any of the players.  The Dodgers played better baseball.  Plain and simple.

I have already received one email from of Cards fan.  And I’m sure to get more over the next few days.  That’s expected too.  Like I have said before, most Cardinal fans seem threatened by a team with such a strong fan base and that hasn’t won a world series in over a century now. 

Anyway, after I recover, maybe a day or two, I will start trying to figure out what the Cubs need to do.  I’ll write about it soon.  But first, I still plan on watching the playoffs.  To be honest, I wouldn’t mind Tampa winning it all.



  1. skrahmer@krahmer.net

    I didn’t want the Cubs to have to play the Dodgers. Torrey has something to prove, and I believe it will be Boston and the Dodgers. Even LA with the best record will get knocked out today at the Green Monstr. Boston will win it all. Wait and see. Sandi

    • ronlang44

      I agree about the Dodgers and Boston. The addition of Manny and having Joe Torre as their manager makes the Dodgers a dangerous team.
      I hope Tampa and Boston play in the ALCS. That may end up being a great series. Either way, I plan on watching and wishing the Cubs were there.

  2. 2rouse

    I am , and will remain a dedicated Cubs fan. However I am sure it goes without saying that my dissapointment over their pitifull performance is shared by many. I will look forward to another season, but after these last two seasons I am left scratching my head over what changes could be made to improve their perfomance.

    • ronlang44

      While I am disappointed about the Cubs performance the last two years in the postseason I am looking forward to a change in team ownership. I think if the sale of the team is completed before the winter meetings and Cuban gets the team then the future would really look bright for a long time. I would like to add another starting pitcher personally. An elite option at that(C.C. woulb be great). Besides that, I don’t know what else they could do either.

  3. cubsjunkie2

    I have a feeling that the Brewers are going to want C.C. back and he might just want to stay there. He seems at home. I personally don’t want him. But that’s just my opinion. I think Cubs fans just need to take a vacation from baseball (a much needed one) and we can get back to talking about next year in a week or so, haha. I am devastated by what went on with the Cubs but being surrounded by Brewers fans as I am, it’s nice to seem them lose too =]Stephaniehttp://steponme.mlblogs.com

    • ronlang44

      While I agree that C.C. seems at home in Milwaukee, I don’t know if they can afford him. I would rather have him than one of our rivals. But that’s just me.
      I want to take that vacation from baseball, but I can’t yet. Maybe after the playoffs are over I will try. I just feel that the Cubs should still be playing. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a long winter for me.