I am a poor loser.  It does not matter what game it is I hate to lose.  It could be a sport that I am playing, a board game or watching my favorite baseball team…..it just doesn’t matter.  I don’t take losing very well.  This last week has been difficult for me.  In years past, when the Cubs weren’t performing well I didn’t like the losing, but it didn’t bother me as much as this season.  I guess since the Cubs have been winnng so much this season I have become used to them winning.  Yet, this last week wasn’t a very good week for me.   The sweep by the Sox over the weekend caused me to eat some humble pie.  But that’s okay.  A lesson is humility never hurts. 

Hopefully, the Cubs turn things around this week and get back on the winning track.  The All-Star game is just around the corner and I realize that some of the players could use the time off.  Maybe some rest and relaxtion will get this team ready for the dog days of summer and the stretch run.  It wouldn’t hurt if they made a trade for C.C. Sabathia either.