Cubs Sweep White Sox

sweep broom.jpgThe Cubs just completed a 3 game sweep of their crosstown rivals the Chicago White Sox.  The series was played at Wrigley Field where the Cubs have domiated this season.  Aramis Ramirez dominated the series with his bat including the game tying and game winning homers in the first game of the series.  In the second game, Jim Edmonds hit two round-trippers in the same inning.  In the series finale Ryan Dempster turned in a great pitching performance and rookie Eric Patterson hit his first major league home run.  The Cubs looked sharp in just about every aspect of the game during the 3 game set.  I hope the next series at U.S. Cellular Field will produce the same results.  But first the Cubs need to take care of business in Baltimore.  While Ozzie Guillen and A.J. Pierzynski may not like Wrigley Field it’s been a good place for the Cubs and their fans.  I liked what Ozzie had to say best: 

“They kicked our butt and a loss is a loss no matter who you lose against or what kind of weekend you play”. “They played better than we did. They performed better. They hit better, they pitched better. Not a lot you can say.”

You said it Ozzie!!!


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  1. Okello

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